November 21, 2009


I give and I give and I give... and what do I get in return? Mockery and derision:
It's bizarre enough as it is reading Sarah Palin's uterus' blog. But to think that she actually follows Andy Sullivan? At least, it may explain some things.

How would you feel if you were a gay man and a uterus was following you on the Internet? It isn't that I'm surprised Andy is being stalked by a sexual organ ...

That's reproductive organ to you, mister. Just what does a Uterus have to do to be taken seriously by male conservative bloggers?

Because if you think I'm going to post pictures of myself in a bikini, you're smoking crack.


  1. please keep this stuff up! It's so worth it to see fools like Sullivan and his ilk driven bat-shit crazy.

  2. [sniff!]

    Thanks! A uterus likes to know she's appreciated...

  3. Ha ha ha!

    Stop whining!

    Your blog is not really a UTERUS.

    But it's not Sarah's uterus.

    I think it's Rachel Maddow's STINKING VAGINA.

  4. If a penis-american feels the need to bash vaginas it's got to be because he doesn't have enough....stature...for anyone to know he's there, otherwise.

  5. Trying to drive Sully crazy is, well, like trying to moisten a gallon of water. I have no idea why anyone other than his therapist pays any attention to his ravings.
    -- Anon, A Moose