November 20, 2009

I Feel So Used...

Never is the uterus so popular as when it can be wielded as a partisan tool.

You're telling me!!!!

This whole health care debate is so confusing. The President tells us that increasing access to preventative care and screening will keep health care costs down. Then we find out they're trying to hold down costs by limiting access to preventative care and screening!

No matter who's in charge, we women are always hardest hit. If only someone would create a task force on women and girls.

Someone needs to look out for us, because even though we are just as smart, strong and capable as men, we need protection from them.


  1. Off topic, but I just have to say, you're so cute-looking! Is that condescending? Well, it's just true. You almost make me wish I had a uterus of my own. But only three weeks of the month.

  2. Oh, and you're a lot smaller than I thought you were. Is it the camera angle?

  3. I want to suggest you no longer read any more Andrew Sullivan.

  4. Off topic, I just have to say, you're so cute looking!


    Oh, and you're a lot smaller than I thought you were. Is it the camera angle?

    Well, I did lose a few pounds recently.

  5. Andrew must be trying his employer's patience. I'm assuming his down day from blogging was spent at the psychiatrist. Ms. Uterus - if your host gets anywhere close to being nominated or elected he will jump out the window with a beagle under each arm!

  6. Ms. Uterus, 8 of 16 of the doctors on the panel who voted to decrease access to mammograms are uteri. Look in the mirror to find out who shivved you.

  7. I hate to disappoint you, but I am not a doctor. I don't even play one on TV!

    Besides, having been expertly schooled by no less a sage than Barbara Ehrenreich, I am quite aware that "...a uterus is no substitute for a conscience...".