November 21, 2009

Out of the Closet

Imagine my surprise to wake up this morning and find that I have Followers! And ... Glenn Reynolds noticed me!!!

It is a good thing that I am only a lowly reproductive organ. Otherwise, all this attention might go to my head.

Well since you're all here, perhaps you can help me out with a tricky little puzzle I've been trying to solve. I simply do not know what to make of this "Sully" fellow and his creepy obsession with Me. I mean, surely he can't be serious? I'm beginning to think the whole "9999 Lying Lies of That Notorious Liar Sarah Palin" shtick may actually be an elaborate act of self defecation. You know, sort of like performance art? You've got to admit, it would be just too delicious if Sully's pompous,"it's my job to subject the powerful to scrutiny" mantra, far from being a serious attempt to force a married woman to release private medical records to "clear up" a matter that has no possible bearing on national politics were *really* his sly way of lambasting the media for their far more serious failure to subject the President of the United States to similar "scrutiny". Now *that* would be funny.


  1. Howdy! Love the blog, but most of the links within your recent posts are broken due to faulty URLs. (Easily fixed by deleting the defective character string that appears at the end of each one, but a hassle nonetheless.)

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you - I am fixing them now.

    This whole "blogging" think is very confusing. I thought that if monkeys with typewriters could do it, it would not be too hard for a confident, New Age Uterus like me.

    But it must be harder than it looks.

  3. Sully's apparent Palin obsession brings to mind that episode of Seinfeld in which Kathy Griffin plays comedian Sally Weaver who feels slighted by Jerry so she creates a comedy routine which demonizes Jerry from start to finish. The show becomes a hit so Sally is constantly searching for new dirt on Jerry to become part of her routine. Sully is just peddling his ridiculous routine over and over because he is still killin in some parts of the country.