November 19, 2009

Reader Poll

What do you think? Should I be on Facebook? What about Twitter?

I mean, everyone else seems to be doing the social networking thing. And with Sarah Pie being the de facto leader of the Republican party and all... (Confusing, that. Wasn't Rush Limbaugh supposed to be the head of the party? Or was it Glenn Beck? Sean Hannity? Adolph Hitler?) certainly her Lady Parts deserve their rightful place in the national discourse. Though Andrew - bless his heart! - seems determined to keep the spotlight on what's really important: Me.

I'm getting a little worried, though. I mean, I realize I'm new to this "blogosphere" thing, but it seems like some folks aren't taking Andrew seriously. I don't get it -- I mean, someone of his intellectual heft ought to command more respect.

Maybe I should wait? My Facebook Fu is not really up to snuff yet. And what's with all the martial arts lingo lately? I turn my back for one minute and Sarah Pie is practicing classic insurgent jujitsu while deftly avoiding Kabuki theater.

With all the kowtow-ing going on, I'm afraid I'm going to wake up one morning and find we've surrendered to the Japanese.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, "kowtow" is Chinese.

  2. ... and the captcha word on that last comment was "parin".


  3. Eh! Chinese/Japanese. I'm a uterus! I don't get out much....

  4. I will be your follower, Sarah Palin's Uterus, if you go on Facebook.

  5. What do you think? Should I be on Facebook? What about Twitter?

    Twitter? Shouldn't that have an "a" instead of an "i"?

  6. I neither Twit nor Face, but I'll be stopping by regularly. Well, THREE weeks out the month anyhow.



  7. I love how Sully throws in the George Wallace reference there. As if Luscious Sarah, risking that impressive uterus, would stand in front of schoolhouse doors demanding segregation, as Sully would stand in the front of court house doors demanding gay marriage. That Sully sure is a caution.

  8. SPU: First you must conquer the Blogosphere in order to prevent that evil white Southern male oppressor Stacy McCain from taking it over. Then the rest will follow.

    Bob Belvedere's [very small] Feminine Side